An East Coast Regional Food Hub for

     Farmers, Fooders, & Folks

  • we are ushering in a brand new day for southern Organic, Sustainable, local food


    The Southeast has the largest number of small and medium-sized farms, yet overall farmer profitability does not reflect the strength of this farming region. Compared to the food movement in the Northeast and Western sections of the U.S., the South suffers from large holes in the value chain, extensive swaths of food deserts, and still sources substantial amounts of food from other regions.


    The Solution

    Our operations will:

    • allow small, sustainable/organic farmers and ranchers to increase the yield and variety of what they produce
    • increase these farmers' market share by aggregating their goods and distributing them to new commercial and consumer markets
    • facilitate local community education to increase healthy eating in communities suffering from nutrition-related diseases

    Under our platform, the entire food cycle benefits — Farmers, Fooders, and Folks.


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